A Bed That Grows With You

Furniture fairs are a great place to check out new designs in home furnishings. They often push the boundaries of design making us rethink what is normal. Enter the winner of Stockholm’s Furniture Fair 2007 presented by Elle Interior.

The design here is all in the frame. The bed looks as if it’s floating but it’s really supported by two opposing corners that double as end tables. The design also allows for growth. Start with a single and double up anytime you need to go bigger. The innovative frame can be divided to support two singles side by side. Sexy, sleek, and future safe. I totally want one.

Designer: Joel Hesselgren


  • Mat says:

    Very cool. what does the manual say for making the bed?

  • Ken Girard says:

    A quick sum up of what I’ve already posted elsewhere:

    The bed is impractical for your average young couple as it seems to be a design that only works in the center of a large room. Other wise it creates a lot of wasted space due to the built in tables, plus folks constantly losing things as they fall behind the bed.

    Also it seems that the ‘expander mattress’ is smaller then the original mattress, meaning that if two people who have this style of bed want to move in together then they have to go out and buy a new mattress, and then use one of the original mattresses as a guest bed. Since this is likely to be a young couple moving out of the parental home for the first time, I am going to say that means that the guest bed is more likely to go to freecycle, as there will be no space for it in the new apartment.

    Then again, maybe the problem is that I am thinking that this is aimed for the average person and WalMart, rather then the Paris Hilton fashion before function crowd.

  • Denniz says:

    “Also it seems that the ‘expander mattress’ is smaller then the original mattress,”
    I thought the frame had a long and short side. Wich means they turned the frame 90degrees in the second picture, so the long side will be along both matresses and the short side on one side of on of the matresses, if you understand what i mean…

  • yap says:

    What a wonderful!!

  • eric says:

    now you have a ramp so cats can come and sleep on your face!

  • jake says:

    i like it. except for when i kick everything off of the table at the foot of the bed lol 😛

  • unknown says:

    uhhhh it’s the camera angle …

  • Ciel says:

    I can Order a Costumed one like this to my room….because i can’t found it online

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