This ultimate glamping cabin floats on water for short, experience enhanced stay

The pandemic has held us all up in our homes so much so that now everyone is just wanting to venture out and do something different. While some are packing their bags and flying out the normal course, there are some minimalists driving into the off-road territories in their RVs. But if you like to travel a long way from normal, glamping in Portugal should find mention in your bucket list.

When you have skipped the crowded lobbies of plush hotels and reached out for the ultimate glamping experience in Portugal, you can venture out to Vilarinho das Furnas, Gerês, where Hydro X, a new concept in glamping will await one day. Designed for the great outdoors, in the most coveted and panoramic natural setting, the Hydro X is the brainchild of design student Catarina Miranda. It is a luxury-packed private space, with resort-like amenities for a comfortable stay.

Combining the facets of camping with luxury for a glamping experience, the Hydro habitat derives its name from its setting on the water. Moreover, the conceptual structure deviates from the general canvas makeover of the glamping setup to subtly venture into a cabin-esque living structure. It would for some resemble a tiny house on the waters with oddities like a fancy treehouse in Bali overlooking the ocean.

Not much is revealed about the architectural aspect of the structure, but from how the renders show; this glamping unit with its own open deck has a large skylight and a solar panel on either side of its slanting, triangular roof. Approachable via a wooden walkway attached to the shore, this mini dwelling seems to feature an ensuite bedroom with a sitting area by the large windows. The Hydro X can sleep a couple comfortably and is meant for short, experience-filled stays!

Designer: Catarina Miranda