Slē plywood sled is for all ages and durable

Winter is coming – no more fun saying because GoT is done and dusted, nevertheless, let’s look at Slē, the plywood sled. Inspired by bent plywood structures and joints that we see in everyday life, the dynamic design of the sled is a talking point.

Crafted to suit all ages – children and adults – there is a lot of research has gone into the making of this product. The aim of the Slē is to enhance user experience and yet be high-quality and stylish. Featuring a tilted seat, the frame of this sled is designed for slopes, keeping maneuverability in mind. The sled can tackle slopes with up to 25% gradient, with ease.

I quite like the double arch of the seat as that acts as a buffer or shock absorber while riding down the slopes. To keep it durable, the soles of the sledge are fitted with a T-shape stainless steel cover, which protects the edges of the plywood against impacts and damages.

You can even clip the leash when not in use, making this a very well thought-out design.

Designer: Adam Miklosi

The Design Process Journal