This easy-to-use coconut opener doubles as a faucet for steady pouring straight from the source!

Coconut Faucet is an easy-to-use coconut opener that doubles as a faucet to pour water straight from the coconut.

Whether you’re sick or just thirsty, coconut water is stock full of nutritional value and health benefits. Full of electrolytes and vitamin-rich, coconut water is super hydrating and a smart choice for those recovering from illnesses, surgeries, tough workouts, or just another Friday night. While there are plenty of brands that sell coconut water in closed containers, there’s nothing like fresh coconut water straight from the source.

The only problem is, cutting into a coconut to get to the water is a tough job that generally requires some extra tools. To have an accessible and portable tool for cutting into coconuts and drinking from them, Mutian Yu devised the Coconut Faucet, an easy-to-use coconut opener that also functions as a faucet for pouring.

Tapping into coconuts typically requires two types of tools. First, you’ll have to crack that coconut open with a blunt force tool, like a mallet or hammer. Then, once the coconut is cracked, a knife or other sharp tool can be used to finish the job and draw the water out.

The Coconut Faucet is made up of three parts: a sharp pipe, plunger, and canister. Once the pipe is inserted into the coconut, users can lift the plunger to draw the coconut’s water into the canister from where the liquid can be poured.

Describing each part’s use and design, Yu notes, “The bottom of the [coconut-opener] is designed to have a certain inward tilt which can be closed when it is inserted in the coconut.” Yu then goes on to describe the plunging mechanism, “The red thimble is designed to have a smooth surface, separated from the functional area where the handle needs to be rotated.”

Once each part is appropriately inserted into the given coconut, the device will appear like a small teapot propped on top of a coconut. To pour the coconut’s contents into a cup, users take the canister’s handle, along with the actual coconut, and simply pour.

Designer: Mutian Yu