What’s up my Jigger?

What is the true measure of a liquid? Is it the color of its molecules? Is it its density? or maybe its viscosity..? Whatever it is, the “Cube Jigger” by Josh Owen for Kikkerland has six ways to measure your liquids in the most commonly measured form…its volume. This design evolved from an experiment to compress the six most common liquid measures into the smallest possible dispenser. Fascinating stuff. For no other reason but to get tech blogs talking, expect a USB powered Cube Jigger soon.

Designer: Josh Owen [ Buy It Here ]


  • zippyflounder says:

    Oh come now, its pretty but as the picture shows its a diaster, why measure when your going to spill 1/3 of the stuff or miss the target?

  • Brian says:

    I thought this site was about concepts, this isn’t a concept but an actual product sold in places like Chiasso. In any event, it’s another generally bad product that doesn’t deserve the exposure.

  • jigger hater says:

    Damm rasist Whats up my jigger damm looks like nigger if u put a n in front
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    • Clarify says:

      Learn to spell racism before you try to accuse someone of it.

      • tevin says:

        lol youre random.
        what? people who cant spell well shouldnt even say what they wish to say?
        stop acting smart, mister perfect grammar

        • DigDoug says:

          You just made an assumption that person is a man by saying “Mister Perfect Grammar”.
          Does that make you a misogynist?

          The design is interesting but flawed. It would be difficult to not spill a drop while measuring an exact amount.

          • PD says:

            I don’t want to have to skim through 4 people’s retarded comments before finding somebody who has said something about the DESIGN of this object. If somebody says something stupid, is the world going to explode if somebody smarter doesn’t put them in their place? Take your banter to YouTube, I want to read what people think about DESIGN here.

            While it might not be stable enough for busy commercial bar use, I think it’s an elegant solution to having multiple jiggers for occasional home use. although I’m not sure you need 6 different volumes for bartending…aren’t 2-3 kind of enough or am i mistaken? And would a 2-ounce cavity fit in the cube without intersecting the other cutouts? iffy…

    • racist hater... says:

      The racist implication of “nigger” from “jigger” was immediately understood.
      Too bad.
      I lost interest in reading about the design…
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      And I don’t want to read anymore articles on this site after that one.

  • billy says:

    the designer is a tool.

  • Dude44 says:

    I’d buy one in a second! Come on designers sell us at the very least the concept design! Don’t you need to make some money? Talk about a quick buck!

    But no, instead we get to see a cool design and you’re still poor (unless you sell something!)

  • WTF says:

    I dont think that JIGGER is cool for you to be using regardless of what ethnicity you are. Please if you have any decency change that post immediately. Im a big fan of youre site but that is highly offensive!!!!

  • Jigger n.
    1. A person who jigs or operates a jig.
    1. A small measure for liquor, usually holding 11/2 ounces.
    2. This amount of liquor.
    3. A device, such as a drill, that operates with a jerking or jolting motion.
    4. Nautical.
    1. A light all-purpose tackle.
    2. A small sail set in the stern of a yawl or similar boat.
    3. A boat having such a sail.
    4. A jigger mast.
    5. Informal. An article or a device, the name of which eludes one.

  • butwhy says:

    why is the word jigger offensive? it simple a small measurement cup used to measure small volumes of liquid. I seriously do not see the logic in equating the word jigger with being racist.

    By applying the same logic, all words that rhyme with ‘igger’ reeks with racism. sheesh, the audacity of some.

  • carl says:

    Back to the concept again for while.. What are the 6 measurements of volume? In the UK there is single and double. that’s it! Funny how the 6 most common measures are not listed.

    Look at her fingers in the picture they are pretty much inside the device. yuck. this isn’t hygienic, and yes looks like it will spill very easily. so for commercial use it appears to be flawed.

    The name jigger is less offensive than the product..

  • While I do appreciate the sensitivity of people thinking my use of the word “jigger” in that context is somehow racist. I must say that knee jerk finger pointing when it comes to phrases that somehow elude to the term “nigger” is a bit of extreme white guilt. I wrote and produced a film about racism in media that was very well accepted by everyone at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. It was called “Rebirth of a Nation”, feel free to purchase the DVD from Wal-mart or Target if you would like to see what actual “racism” is. I am very sensitive to any form of racism, but this is a reverse form of racism when people try to out others for being racist. I appreciate the criticism of the title for this post, but it is not meant as a racist reference and I will not be censoring it for the sake of making a few paranoids happy and superior. I live and breath this stuff everyday and don’t need someone pointing at me as a racist. What have you done today to end racism? Point a finger?

    Last point, according to the US Census Bureau, I am not considered “white”.

  • racist hater... says:

    You know, nobody who responded negatively mentioned your potential race.
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  • Jigger hater says:

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  • jigger hater says:

    am i saying its a bad product no absolutely not but i just dont like the jigger part
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    and i realy dont appreciate that guy promoting his dvd on the low

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    and to that other sir up their being black is hard enuff not all black people are the
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    thanks to those who at least thought about it

    and i can spell asses:)

  • carl says:

    do people picket outside every music store in the world because you can buy music that contains the N word? is this readily available music racist? it appears a word that is only offensive if it is delivered with intent. otherwise p diddy and 50 cent would be racists. or is it a word that only certain ethnic groups can utilise? surely if that is the case, that itself is the racism?

    either way the manor in which this product has been marketed does not detract from how crap and unusable it is.. right?

  • zero says:

    this is non-sense design

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