The Bold Looking Cold-brewer

There’s something innately calming and beautiful about the ATMOS. Not only does it make the brewing process feel easy, it makes the brewing process LOOK easy too. The fact that the entire product is just two bottles and an intermediary filter unit in an hourglass format feels easy on the eyes, and it’s fun to watch the water literally traverse from one bottle, through the coffee grounds, and into the other, tinted with the golden brown color we’ve known to love!

The ATMOS takes the components required in the pour over brewing process and simplifies them separately and as a whole too. The entire apparatus comes with three bottles (only two are needed for brewing) and a threaded interconnecting module made of stainless steel. The procedure of brewing is literally narrowed down to three steps… Fill, Tamp, and Flip. Each bottle is crafted out of borosilicate glass, with a capacity to store up to 5 espresso shots, and comes with a 28mm threaded neck, although the thread pattern is slightly different from the kind used in regular PET bottles. However, this means the bottles can be cleaned with any regular household bottle cleaner. The intermediary stainless steel (316 marine grade) component comes in two parts that fit together to form the core of ATMOS’s brewing unit, and separate for easy cleaning.

What’s beautiful about the ATMOS is its visual and functional simplicity. It separates the three steps into three zones, letting you fill water in one bottle, pack (tamp) your coffee grounds in the intermediary unit, and flip the apparatus to allow the brew to collect in the empty bottle below. You can adjust the intensity of the brew by changing the ratio of the coffee grounds to the water, while the resulting brew tastes markedly better than most immersion brewers, not just because of the cold brew process, but also because each water drop is made to pass through the coffee, gathering flavor along the way. The ATMOS is also much faster than traditional cold-brew coffee makers and the fact that its shape resembles an hourglass feels like a beautiful bit of visual irony, but at the same time adds a hypnotic beauty to the brewing process while also inspiring patience as you, mesmerised, watch the water travel from one receptacle to another, transforming in color, taste, and aroma along the way.

The ATMOS comes with three borosilicate bottles (with caps), along with the main Stainless Steel interconnecting body. The kit even packs a cleaning brush and a food-safe descaler sachet. Designed to look and feel familiar, the ATMOS has a transparency and an aesthetic that sits well on most tables and kitchen counters. Plus, with the ability to store your brew in two of the three bottles and use the brew for anything from the ever-popular espresso to the humble cappuccino, to even an odd espresso martini, the ATMOS makes cold-brewing an art that’s for every type of coffee lover. With the way the ATMOS looks, you won’t be addicted to just the caffeine, you’ll be addicted to the brewing process too!

Designer: Karl Vaupel

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Click here to Buy Now: $140.00 $199.00