This sleek wearable band tracks your daily activities to create smart recovery regimes for you!

Maintaining an active lifestyle, that encourages good health and fitness has become a top priority for most of us these days. We usually set up fitness goals, that we then focus on with an eagle eye vision! At least, I attempt to. Wearable tech can be an absolute boon in helping us achieve these fitness goals! Fitness trackers and watches help us monitor our everyday progress, and keep an eye on how well we are truly doing. PAL is one such wearable device that beautifully simplifies and integrates activity and recovery tracking into a sleek, futuristic, and fashionable wearable. The wearable doesn’t include a digital display, so the activity tracker has been given a minimal and subtle form while being amped with innovative and not-so-minimal tech.

PAL consists of a simple band, with an identifiable pill-shaped motif on the front and the rear of the product. The pill-shaped motif on the rear of the band outlines the interaction zone. You simply double-tap it, to start the tracker and double-tap it again when you want to shut the tracking. The intuitive physical user interface completely eliminates the visual clutter often found on other conventional fitness trackers and watches.

PAL has been equipped with an accompanying Wahoo+PAL app, that utilizes the tracking data collected by the band, to log your activities and vitals. It also uses this data to create a smart recovery regime on your smartphone, once you stop your activities. PAL’s adaptive ecosystem subtly works in the background tracking and creating regimes without reminding you of its existence. So, you can actually focus on the activity at hand, and be present in the moment.

PAL’s soft-touch polymer band and moisture-wicking fabric perfectly merge great aesthetics with high performance, creating a unique fitness tracker that helps you achieve your fitness goals, while also complimenting your everyday lifestyle!

Designer: Angus Chung