Charge your Tesla and lower your electric bill with these solar blinds!

Renewable energy is our ticket to the future and the current climate crisis. From electric cars to sustainable tools, designers are changing the world for the better one product at a time. Joining that list are these Solar Blinds from SolarGaps that make your home smarter and your environment better. If you want to charge your Tesla without increasing your bill, this should be your first buy.

Solar Blinds help you save on your energy costs and reduces your electric bill by 30% compared to conventional energy usage costs, in simpler terms that is a third of your air conditioning bill if you live in a hot climate. These blinds can generate 100W per 1sqm which is enough to charge a smartphone, a laptop or power a tv. Solar Blinds also help you to massively reduce your carbon footprint – 1 sqm of solar energy can prevent 100 gms of carbon emissions. Now imagine the impact if your entire neighborhood will have if everyone installs these blinds. The blinds are meant for the future and they are created to be smart, you can control them with an app on your phone and they are also compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Another cool feature is that these solar-powered blinds can be used as an alarm clock in the morning by setting them at the time you want them to open.

“The idea to combine solar panels and blinds struck me when I saw sunflowers in the field turning to face the sun. With my invention, I wanted to claim that everyone is responsible for saving our planet,” says Yevgen Erik, CEO of SolarGaps and I love how being an accountable citizen of this world is now more accessible with his design.

Designer: SolarGaps