Scuba Smart-Goggles

The key to a good scuba dive is knowing your surroundings, so the Scubus S provides multiple layers information to divers through augmented reality. More of a head-up display on the screen of the goggles, the wristband-controlled interface shows users vital info like depth, direction, water temp, air supply and more. Because safety is paramount in a dive, it immediately alerts to dangerous situations and gives users the ability to signal for help with the push of a button.

Designer: Noah Smith


  • Lee says:

    wow…this is like those gaming virtual reality goggles you posted the other day…only these are for scuba diving!

  • Ryan says:

    these are so smart. will this remain a concept only?

  • ron says:

    being a diver, these have definitely caught my attention…some details on the tech specs please.

  • Kim says:

    nice…especially the dark pink rims…sleek and smart!

  • Jen says:

    will these be available for sale?

  • Phil says:

    high-tech diving goggles…indeed very nice….

  • winnie says:

    these are definitely “smart-goggles” will they be up for sale soon?

  • Tim says:

    price and availability please or is this just a proto?

  • Chris says:

    hey I like the idea…I would feel like James Bond on a mission under water!

  • Google says:

    Devil advocate here. Not trying to disqualify anything you saying, but technical aptitude definitely varies from gym to gym. I have lifted for years under a variety of disciplines, and just recently decided to take up crossfit. Google The gym I selected is known for taking the time to teach technical ability first (through their “elements” beginner courses) which you must test out of in order to attend regular classes. For example I have worked on my squat form for years, and yet was still learn

  • Ahmet Bektes says:

    Hey Designer,

    You should had kickstart this project. You got attention but did you prepare yourself to make a turn from this concept?

    Are you still student? Does your university have other engineering departments?Why not to talk with them and try to do something nice together?

    Create but also work for getting this done, your ego will be higher than getting more comments.

  • Noah says:

    Hey Ryan we’re live on Indiegogo ! Check us out !

  • Noah Smith says:

    Hey Jen ! It is available on our indiegogo campaign !

  • Guy says:

    Oceanic’s HUD Datamask has been available for years, this isn’t exactly the “first” of it’s kind. A light that close to the camera will cause horrible backscatter, and if used as a flashlight will shine directly in dive buddies’ eyes. Nice information available but not enough: dive computer, look it up. It’s more than just depth and temperature. Is the acoustical signal going to disturb marine life? If I’m trying to take pictures underwater and somebody with this approaches and sends a signal and that spooks my subject, I’m not going to be very happy.
    If you’ve really got divers on your team, you might want to get some who’ve got more knowledge about diving. This sounds like it was pulled together by people who like technology and google glass and sat around brainstorming what they think divers like/want/need.

  • when will this one be available for sale. Can i get i customized to meet my specific requirements? I love the design

  • i love love it! when is this making it to the markets?

  • Sleek smart and stylish….this is the way to entertain!

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