This smart home is a modern living solution designed with fully autonomous utilities to help you live anywhere!

The Space is a sustainable smart home with fully autonomous utilities that blend modern technology with new standards of comfort.

Every day advances in smart technology help redefine what it means to live in the modern world. Setting new standards for how we communicate, consume, and learn, smart technology brings us closer and closer to the future we envisioned back when we were dreaming of flying cars and jetpacks. Seeping into the home space, Stockholm-based iOhouse developed The Space, a sustainable smart home complete with fully integrated utilities that require nothing from “the grid.”

Completely autonomous by design, the utilities that comprise The Space only require a smartphone for operation. Including water, electricity, heating, and wifi, the designers from iOhouse outfitted The Space with all of the modern amenities one might need to live comfortably and free.


From the outside, The Space dons a sleek, futuristic facade that embraces an industrial tech look while staying close to nature with floor-to-ceiling windows. Inside, an open-floor layout keeps cozy with subdued tones of gray and unstained, natural wood flooring.

The Space generates electricity from a solar panel roof and generator that runs on a 220V electrical system. Then, an air heat pump and incorporated climate controls maintain the home’s interior temperatures during cold and hot seasons. Complete with a built-in water and sewer system, no matter where residents of The Space choose to live, clean water and plumbing are guaranteed.

Spurred by the freedom that modern technology can offer, iOhouse integrated smart technology into the very build of The Space so that homeowners can move anywhere and rest assured that their amenities won’t stay behind.

Designed for people who want to immerse their home lives in nature while staying close to modern technology, the creators behind The Space say, “Every detail – from the fittings and fixtures to the shape of the rooms – has been carefully considered and designed to maximize the comfort and the aesthetics of the home.”

Designer: iOhouse