Floor Lamp designs that always deserve the spotlight!

Every household needs their staple products – a cozy couch, a chic coffee table, and a floor lamp that ties up the whole place together! Stylish lighting solutions are part decor, part utility and an absolute necessity to bring your home to life. The lighting solutions here today range from practical solutions to innovative designs and although they are a render, I truly hope some of these designs can be brought to life coz I call dibs on the Giant Ring Light!

Richard Malachowski of Play Industrial Design has created this Giant Ring Light and it is a love-at-first-sight for a bookworm like me! Resembling a halo, the adjustable light can be moved to create the perfect light setting, helping you create the cozy corner you’ve always wanted with a plush chair to keep you in place.

Award-winning industrial designer Andrew Ferrier has created a unique lighting solution, carved from standard rectangular concrete blocks. The casted rectangular plaster is then broken, creating a unique pattern, which is then separated with minimal bars, creating a raw aesthetic with a compelling story, making this a must-have for every home.

I have seen a growing trend in our consuming patterns, millennials especially have moved away from mass-manufactured products, choosing to focus their attention on designs that have, for a lack of a better term, character. The lamp design by Sebastian Halin of the Eskild Hansen Design Studio brings to mind such care and attention to detail that should be cherished across the generations. The pale wooden details merged with rounded forms create a classic lighting design that is sure to be with you through the years.

What does it take to convert a regular floor lamp into a fun masterpiece? Maybe we start by giving it a dose of playfulness! Shane Spencer adds this dose to his design by using an actual pill as an inspiration for his modern floor lamp design. The modern-ness of the design is emphasized by the metallic colors and the rose-gold finish used in the minimal frame, giving it a contemporary look that fits in with every decor style.

Elliot Raderman takes inspiration from the humble circle to create this ring of light! The combination of the pure white light, the dark sleek body, and an electric blue wire make this lamp versatile enough to go from a hostel dorm room to a bachelor’s pad with ease. A fun detail – the black spherical dot acts as an on/off switch to control the light!

Nick Baker strikes again with a collection of lights titled Roam. The lights come in 3 sizes or variations, starting with a floor lamp, a table lamp as well as a wall-mounted version. For me, these lights bring to mind the story of Goldilocks, with a big Papa light, a smaller Mama light, and the smallest baby light that hangs onto the wall!

 Even though I come across tons of product designs on a daily basis, the modularity of a design remains one of the most important factors that I take into account before featuring it. Jason Luo’s design wins my heart for those exact reasons! Named the tracking floor lamp, this lamp comes with a track system on both sides, allowing users to attach multiple light heads at various positions to set up a lighting system that works for them. Also, the presence of tracks on both sides means the same lamp provides upwards/indirect lighting along with accent/downward lighting for highlighting a specific object.

What does your light do when not in use? That is the question solved by Kat Reiser’s floor lamp design that doubles as a screen when not in use. The lighting here resembles a cactus/ hedge-like design that lights up the room while adding a bit of green when not in use!

Arthur Martins decided to bring a little wildlife in your home, with this Bird lamp! The elegant yet minimal white bird perches on an equally minimal stand. Come nighttime, the bird lights up with a subtle glow creating a talking point in your room.

Floor lamps come to life with Jose Villa’s dancing lights! A hinge in the design transforms this simple tube-like lights into a dancing structure designed to jazz up any space. Switch on the lights in sections or completely, creating a dynamic structure that you can set up as you need!