This futuristic cabin is the ultimate work from home investment for 2020!

The second-half of 2020 is here and rescue from the pandemic is not in sight! The work from home situation that started off as a temporary thing is soon looking permanent and it’s high time we carve out a space for ourselves (how long are we going to hijack the dining table?) to concentrate and make the most of our work hours. The Livit Studypod is a futuristic black-box style cube that you can place anywhere you want and focus on your work, study or even health!

This composite cube structure works as your bedroom, home office, or study table and is designed for outdoor use. Easy to place on your backyard, garden, or anywhere with a view, the black-tinted hardened glass window gives an unobstructed view of your scenery. Since the cube is a closed structure, it keeps you safe from the weather across the year. Measuring 2.15 x 1.8 x 2.1 meters, this cube is perfectly sized for you to style it for your comfort, improving your headspace and keeping you stress-free. The pod does weigh 700 kilos but it also comes with optional wheels that let you move it and settle down for a quick change of scenery! The pod has oak flooring, a detachable desk, a power outlet, four downlights, and natural ventilation to keep the place airy.

In a time where distraction-free spaces are running low, or maybe you need that transition- to get up, dress up and sit in your workspace to focus – whatever you need, the StudyPod is easily customizable to meet your needs and to take it with you anywhere you go. The invention of the laptop created a wave, making portable workspace a reality. The StudyPod seems like an evolution in the workspace market, allowing you to carry your entire setup with you across the country or to the nearest site – wherever you need to be.

Designer: Livit

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