Luxury Coupé With A Biodegradable Body

As the entire world is waking up to the fact that preservation of nature is essential for the existence of humanity, Eco-friendly products are gathering genuine respect world over. In a time when Mink coats and alligator leather are frowned upon, the luxury market is reinventing itself by coming up wit with ecologically responsible products. The Mercedes Benz LX concept by Irfendy Mohamad is an attempt to explore this undercurrent.

The LX concept proposes usage of Bagasse, the fibrous leftover from sugarcane juice extraction, for automotive body parts. Bagasse, when treated properly, can constitute a rigid, bio-degradable structure with practical durability and desirable texture. The fibrous connection doesn’t end there. The organically flowing crease lines on the radically designed car concept were inspired by Bagasse fibres. It is reassuring to see budding designers championing ecological responsibility. Let us hope for a near future where sugar daddies flaunt their bio-degradable rides to impress the chicks. The Bagasse way.

Designer: Irfendy Mohamad