Here’s why this sleek box-cutter is absolutely the perfect Stocking Stuffer this Holiday Season

A rather interesting gift-idea for the holiday season, the Red Dot Award-winning Slice Box Cutter is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving… because it essentially allows you to easily open all the other gifts you’ve got!

Designer: Scot Herbst for Slice

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The Slice Box Cutter comes with an unusual shape, comprising an ergonomic nylon handle, and a ceramic Zirconium Oxide blade that’s designed to last 11 times longer than conventional steel blades. With a 3-level height adjustable system, and a finger-friendly blade design, the Slice is practically designed to open boxes effortlessly. It cuts through tape, paper, plastic, even corrugated cardboard, allowing you to open practically any type of packaging with a literal swipe… and offers a much better experience than using a kitchen knife or most other EDC blades/cutters, mostly because it was designed specifically to do a stellar job of opening boxes.

A great deal of innovation lies in the Slice’s blade. The material choice puts it in a class above metal blades, since Zirconium Oxide doesn’t break as easily or lose its edge, and never rusts. The blade’s designed to cut through materials without being razor-sharp, which means that if you accidentally lose control, chances are the Slice won’t hurt you. The fact that its blade only protrudes to a certain amount also means it’s relatively safe to use even around others.

The Slice Box Cutter comes in 2 variants, with manual and auto-retracting blade adjustment systems. The little device comes in orange and green colored grips, and sports an ambidextrous design, making it easy to use by practically everyone… everyone who’s been good enough to receive gifts this year, that is!

Click Here to Buy Now: $16.88 $19.99 (15% off). Hurry, limited stock!