Layer Design’s meditation headset uses biomorphic patterns to elevate your state-of-mind

While most of us are stressed out the whole day, a tech-infused meditation headset to wind down is a liberation we all could do very well with.

Life has become stressful in modern times with deadlines and other human-induced factors pushing us to the limit of physiological and psychological turmoil. Meditation is one thing that liberates one from the cyclical patterns of daily struggles – infusing a new sense of excitement to experience life to the fullest. When meditation is aided by the sensory input it’s bliss for the pineal gland!

Layer Design has once again demonstrated its knack for winning creations with the LightVision meditation headset designed for US-based tech startup Resonate. The headset is an array of LED lights that create a layer of magic to the visual feed for the user – literally turning the natural videos being cast into a sequence of biomorphic patterns. Amazingly, these patterns are visible to the closed eyes as the ever-changing kaleidoscope of sequences creates a sensory input. This triggers the brain’s “frequency-following response” according to Layer Design.

The minimally designed headset wrapped in textile casing sets a new precedence for the meditation regimes – be it in the morning or while winding down in the night. The ergonomic form of the headset sits comfortably around the face and the eyes for a distraction-free restful state of mind. The latter as you know is very hard to achieve since the mind wanders into realms you otherwise don’t want it to. The whole design of the LightVision headset puts forth a tactile experience to take your meditation routine to the next level.

While one question still lingers on my mind – won’t the play of light and colors for a long duration or even on a daily basis tire the eyes? Won’t it juxtapose with the very calm state of mind that it wants to achieve in the first place? If Layer Design has those issues sorted out, this headset for Resonate could be the catalyst the stressed-out world needs!

Designer: Layer Design for Resonate