A Japanese portable tent designed with a wood burning stove is your sauna for the great outdoors

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a detoxing and rejuvenating sauna in the wilderness when you’re out hiking or camping! For moments when you want a portable sauna, Iam Sauna by a Japanese start-up is the go-to option for two primary reasons: it’s highly portable and convenient to set up!

Iam Sauna is a lovely tent-style sauna provided with a wood-burning stove that allows people to enjoy the outdoors even in the cold weather to regain the lost energy after a long day. A Japanese-style sauna tent is extremely portable; you can carry it along whether you’re biking it up or driving for a picnic with your family. In addition to portable design, the sauna tent is effortless to set up. A single person can install the tent in under a minute. One will be required to stretch out the pull tabs on all four sides and instantly, a stable and usable tent is ready.

Heat up the wood-burning stove and in minutes you have your personal sauna ready. Whether you’re tired after a hike or simply want to experience a sauna by the lake, Iam Sauna can let you do that. The interesting factor here is that this stylish sauna is not just for a single person. Up to six people can accommodate within the 200cm by 200cm tent. The sauna is made from triple layer 420 denier oxford woven tent fabric, which is insulated with heat-insulating cotton material. The stove is purposely designed to be compact and efficient so that the interiors of the tent can be nicely heated for a comforting sauna.

The metal stove with folding legs weighs 18kg – makes portability of the sauna tad difficult – and features heat resistant glass window and a guard plate on top that is removable and can be used to stack up the sauna stones. The chimney of the stove pierces out through the ceiling of the tent, which is made specially from flame-resistant fabric to reduce the risk of damage by sparks from the chimney.

Once you’re inside the Iam Sauna, you are not secluded from the world outside, as is the case with traditional saunas. Since you are in the great wilderness, you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest irrespective of the activity you’re involved in. For this, the sauna tent is provided with two entrances and five windows to enjoy the panorama outside even when the heat is relaxing your body and mind!

Designer: Iam Sauna