This compostable flower scoop made from peanut shells is an award-winning packaging design!

Packaging design is so interesting but the best innovation always comes when great packaging meets sustainability! Seed Scoop Fertilizer is a prime example of sustainable packaging design – it is seed packaging that includes a scoop made of peanut shell material and seeds…natural materials down to every last element!

Designed by students from the Royal College of Art, this award-winning green design shows the practical process of how the compostable product was made. The user should take out the seeds first, then use the scoop to dig the soil out and bury the seeds in the flowerpot. It is almost poetic how the product has a purpose at every stage without producing any waste!

Finally, the user could break the spatula into pieces, put it in the soil, drip it with water which will turn the scoop into fertilizer and give nutrients! “Designing environment-friendly products has always been the mission for young designers. We hope to let more people pay attention to the sustainable use of resources through this design,” adds the trio.

Using peanut shells was a great move because they are often discarded but they still contain a lot of nutrients that can be used as fertilizer. Seed Scoop is a full-circle eco-friendly product – it uses waste to create something that is functional and is also able to give back after its purpose is complete. It is clever, minimal, and 100% organic – Seed Scooper is a powerhouse of nutrients and great design knowledge application!

Designers: Zhixi Dai, Zixi Chen, and Hao Yao