A pen-stand for your Christmas tree!

Some biologists would argue that trees weren’t really evolved to handle being kept indoors. Most trees you see are usually outdoors. Almost close to a 100% of them, actually. However, there’s this one time in a year where we bring the trees indoors to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the year.

However, how exactly do you bring a tree indoors and keep it upright? Whatever system you use can’t be as convenient as the Eazy Treezy. Designed by a disgruntled dad who spent way too much time trying to get the tree up and upright, while keeping it watered and healthy, the Eazy Treezy simply allows you to plug a tree onto your floor with the kind of simplicity that feels easier than plugging the christmas lights in. It uses a wide base to make sure the tree doesn’t topple over, along with 5 flexible jaws that expand as you place the tree on top, using the plant’s weight to plug the tree in. The jaws ensure your tree, no matter how uneven the base, is always upright. Spikes at the bottom pierce through the base of the tree to give it an added layer of security. The Eazy Treezy was also designed to make maintaining your tree an easier job, with a platform at the bottom that you simply have to pour water into. The tree uses the water directly from the platform itself, and all you do is replenish the water when you see the level go down. Once Christmas is over, just unplug the tree by pressing open any two adjacent jaws at the base and the tree comes out with more ease than having to take down your christmas lights (did I make that reference already?). The Eazy Treezy makes installing christmas trees a breezy! Plus, it comes in the festive color combination of green and red, perfectly capturing the Yuletide spirit!

Designer: Ryan Wach