Apple ring concept mimics the Apple watch design to amp up their wearable game up by a notch!

Computing on a ring is a concept that has been explored over the years but unfortunately, there has been nothing concrete to state. In an effort to give Apple fans a new reason to be curious, a designer has explored the possibility of an Apple Watch-style ring that one can wear on a finger.

If you’re someone who has felt the Apple Watch you wear is bulky and inconvenient for some reason, or if you wished there was something smaller and more convenient to wear, then Apple may someday grant your wish. The Cupertino giant has forayed into the smart ring arena and has a patent to its name. A patent doesn’t necessarily ensure the innovative product will be commercially available, and that’s been the case with the Apple smart ring.

The act of giving more weightage to other devices – Apple Watch in particular – over the ring, doesn’t imply that Apple has taken a back seat with the idea. The designer’s conception – Apple Ring and Apple Ring Pro – are the adaptation of Apple’s long-time vision of a smart ring and the Apple Watch as a ring. The Ring, in particular, is just about the same smart ring concept that Apple patented in 2015 while the Ring Pro is a nice recreation of the Apple Watch for a ring.

The Ring band has a touchscreen running around it while the Ring Pro has a chiseled form factor and a display that matches the Apple Watch. The rings are both designed in solid metal for durability and owing to their free-flowing design should be pretty comfortable to wear. The Ring Pro may be on the bulkier side given its layout, but the sleek Ring should be a good device to check vital stats while workout or making or receiving calls on the go. Presumably, when something like these rings lands, the Ring Pro-style device would make a smart ring, while the Ring would suit the fitness band tasks.

Designer: Konstantin Milenin and The Apple Stack