This sleek modern desk finds versatility and simplicity through a system of organizational wooden bars!

Bars is a Scandinavian-inspired desk design that finds versatility and simplicity through an organizational system of wooden beams.

Desks do it all for us. Not only do we work there, but they become our storage bins, our mail sorting cabinets, our coffee tables. With all of their versatility, these different uses aren’t typically put into consideration when designing desks.

When desks are built too simply, they run the risk of not being able to handle all of the supplemental uses we impose on them. The more complex the desk, the less likely we are to intuit all of its uses. Product designer, João Teixeira understood the assignment when he designed Bars, a minimalist wooden desk that’s built on intuitive design principles to balance versatility with simplicity.

Aptly named, Bars is a modern desk that finds multiple uses through an overlapping system of wooden bars. Designed to help organize our work and off days, the system of bars provides clever, integrated storage options to keep our writing utensils and smartphones in designated areas and keep our working space free of clutter. Carved along each one of the wooden beams, Teixeira incorporated narrow, sunken storage bins that are just the right size to keep our erasers, pens, and stationery.

Along the desk’s rear wooden beams, Teixeira hollowed out a lengthy slot that fastens our smartphones into place while we work, keeping the threat of endless scrolling at arm’s length. Teixeira also envisioned the bars working as a sort of resting place for bulkier work-related items like over-ear headphones. Wrapping around three sides of Bars, the organizational system of wooden beams helps keep the desk’s working space free of mess so our workdays can be too.

Designer: João Teixeira

Bars is a simply built, yet versatile desk that keeps a modern, minimalist profile.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, Bars is minimalist by design and keeps a natural, polished wooden look.