Japandi-inspired Bathrooms designed to be the ultimate zen + de-stressing space you need in your home!

Bathrooms are often ignored, but in all honesty, they shouldn’t. They’re the little alcoves we spend a substantial amount of our time in, carrying out our personal activities. And it’s probably the only time we’re ever truly alone! Instead of leaving our bathrooms to fend for themselves, it might be a good idea to transform them into intimate de-stressing zones. Add some Japandi-inspired aesthetics to the mix, and you have a space that not only calms, you also soothes your heal. If you’re looking for some inspiration to do that, then you’re at the right place! We’ve curated a collection of aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, and of course, super functional bathroom designs that will help you with your bathroom makeovers! Have fun revamping your personal bathroom space in true Japandi style!

Designed by McLean Quinlan Architects, the bathroom of the Jackson Hole House has the most stunning view ever! The effects of integrating a European chalet and an American cabin are noticed in the bathroom as well. A minimal white bathtub invites you in, while views of the lush surroundings lay in front of you. Sporting grey marble and brass knobs and showerhead, the shower area is an intimate space that smoothly connects with the bedroom.

Designed by Edson Corrêa, this beautiful and subtle bathroom design is Japandi minimalism at its peak! An etherial-like bathtub is placed against a backdrop of magenta flora and flaura. The lighting style of this bathroom creates an almost halo-ish effect, and it looks like relaxation heaven to me!

I love how this bathroom by Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd. has been harmoniously incorporated with the bedroom! A pearl white bathtub is placed against a wooden unit which most probably houses the TV system. Stepping out of a bath and into a bed has never been easier!

Japanese brand INAX has “reimagined the bathroom experience” with products that reflect the inherently Japanese qualities of being thoughtful, sophisticated, and minimal. “Japan is a country blessed with an abundance of water,” explained the bathroom manufacturer. “The Japanese have not only used water to live but have traditionally used it to reset one’s soul, believing that water has the power to wash away impurities,” they added. The entire bathroom carries this reverence, that is amplified by the presence of the tree and the lines repeated across the tiles – they bring to mind the bamboo walls preferred in the island country.

Titled Ethnic Minimalism, this interior design by Studio Light Design makes the most of the minimal bedroom with the surrounding views to enthrall you. Using stone and natural textures, this space uses black to create a stark yet minimal contrast to the entire room.

Sometimes all you need is some Japandi-style minimal. Boasting a black and white color palette with simple fixtures, this minimal bathroom by Nichba Design is one of my favorites!

This bathroom by Phương perfectly combines Japandi aesthetics with an almost rustic and raw theme! A minimal bathtub is placed on smooth white stones and faces a floor-to-ceiling window which gives a sneaky glimpse of what seems like an exquisite view! I love the rocky and rugged wall, and how it interestingly contrasts the otherwise subtle tone of the bathroom.

Pretty and petite! This clean white bathroom design with a gentle touch of flora and fauna by Timber Trails Homes is ideal for all the lovely ladies out there.

Designed by Nazar Tsymbaliuk, this Japandi-inspired bathroom has an exquisite ocean view! The rugged and raw bathtub, as well as the tiny pebbles that surround it add an almost gritty and exciting vibe to the entire space. However, the muted grey walls, and generous use of glass add a soft and minimal effect to the bathroom.

The Delve Group paired up geometric tiles in shades of grey with matte black bathroom fixtures to create a warm personal space. I would love to hop in there for a quick shower!