This Apple Car concept based on Apple patents is a Model 3 + Cybertruck mashup done right

This surreal Apple Car concept by Vanarama is thoughtfully modeled based on the individual Apple patents and their practical viability in real-life. On their web portal, the concept car can be rotated 360 degrees for a comprehensive look of the front, side and back sections!

The world knows Apple is working on an electric car but when it will meet fruition is still shrouded in mystery. Cupertino-based giant has kept most things related to the EV project well under wraps, albeit, the rising number of relatable patents hint what could be coming Apple fan’s way. Taking all these patents up in the cloud and creating a plausible design from them seems like a good strategy for some added spice. That’s exactly what the vehicle leasing expert firm Vanarama is up to, as they’ve created a 3D model and life-like renderings of the Apple Car coming our way in a few years’ time.

The concept renderings looking a tad inspired by the Cybertruck and Model 3 are quite detailed as they showcase the Apple Car in all its glory from the exterior as well as the interior. The pillarless design of the glass cover (with the sunroof and windshields) stems from the US10384519B1 patent that revolves around the philosophy of creating a vehicle sans the need to extend the chassis above the doors. The adaptive doors come courtesy of the patent US10384519B1.

The interiors are also not left to chance as the large touch display extends across the dashboard thanks to the Patent US20200214148A1 inspiration. Things go even more into the details with an Apple car software with all the controls and information aided by the intelligent driving assistant. Things like temperature control, cool app launcher, music play controls or the Siri waveform. The touchscreen display runs right up to the steering wheel for the tachometer gauges.

Besides the patent-inspired vibe, the Vanarama’s iteration also has the typical Apple elements like the Mac Pro-like front mesh grille, white-colored chassis, or the retractable door handles. Most of all the concept doesn’t go overboard in speculating what the Apple Car will actually be like and stays within the logical bounds. If everything goes according to Cupertino giant’s plan, the car could be a reality by 2025, and it’ll be interesting to revisit these Vanarama’s concept renderings at that time!

Designer: Vanarama