This sleek modern pet furniture collection ditches fluff for a stylish blend of comfort and aesthetics!

This line of modern pet furniture from Nicolas Cunsolo features a dog bed, food bowl carrier, and a small toy for your dog to get a day’s worth of fun and relaxation.

Pet furniture tends to embrace fluff over modernity. It makes sense–dogs love the fluff. If they didn’t, our couches would still be intact. But the fluffier the dog bed, the less likely it is to fit in our homes.

Modern dog bed designs have come a long way from prioritizing comfort over versatility. Argentinian industrial designer Nicolas Cunsolo created a line of pet furniture for the modern home that maximizes comfort but doesn’t skimp out on aesthetics.

Cunsolo’s modern pet furniture is constructed with a wooden frame that props up a taut, yet plush cushion where your pup can rest. Designed with a curved base, the collection’s dog bed provides a slight overhang for your dog while they’re resting on the cushion. The pet furniture designed by Cunsolo is made of different materials to provide a flexible, yet rigid feel for the dog bed.

In addition to the dog bed, Cunsolo’s furniture collection comes with a water and food bowl station, composed of a wooden frame with two circular frames that keep bowls in place for your pup to eat and drink from.

The water and food bowl frame also has a wooden build, keeping a dark wood stain and polished look to appeal to more modern kitchens.

When dogs eat and drink from the frame’s bowls, a sliding mechanism angles them to meet your dog’s mouth. The raised platform and sliding mechanism make the bowl frame ideal for aging dogs who have trouble outstretching their necks.

Cunsolo also designed a small toy for dogs to play with that keeps a similar profile to the collection’s dog bed, echoing its curved and taut design. Dogs can play with the collection’s toy for a while, drink water from the raised bowl afterward until they find a bit of respite in the furniture line’s modern dog bed.

Designer: Nicolas Cunsolo

From pouncing around with the toy, to a much-needed water break, and finally a power nap, this collection has a little bit of everything.

Conceptualized in three different styles, the dog toy won’t look out of place in the living room.

Clean lines and an overall curved design offers a modern appeal to this collection of pet furniture.