Audi X travel companion is an amphibious all-terrain vehicle for land and water adventures!

As an outdoorsy person, you always dream of one vehicle that can satiate your adventure lust, whether it be on land as well as water. That ideation of an amphibious vehicle that can tread the demanding terrain on land as well as dive in the water like a submersible has been a pipedream a bit too far for practicality aspect. However, Slovakia-based Andrej Zachar with the Audi X travel companion wants to change that notion with her future-forward concept design that’s feasible enough to get excited about.

An amphibious four-wheeled vehicle that draws inspiration from the heavy-duty off-road monsters, sleek electric Tesla Cybertruck, and the ambitious moon rovers. Basically, an amalgam of everything good about four-wheels stocked into a ride that’s compact and venturing enough to make sense. The Audi X travel companion can easily scale any mountains, ride in thick snow, and sinking sand on land – thanks to its unique wheel mechanism that scoops loose snow/sand as the wheel comes in contact with the surface.  The pod-like interior of the vehicle can be configured in a two-seater or three-seater orientation depending on the number of riders.

When it’s time to hit the waters, the vehicle turns into a submersible for underwater adventures as the capsule cocoons the riders for a 360-degree view of the underwater life. It can even float on water like a boat as the earlier mentioned wheel design gives it the needed thrust to move in any desired direction. The pod is ideal for a day’s skirmish in the outdoors or maybe an extended trek to the mountains on the weekend. The fact that it can move swiftly on any terrain, in any kind of weather conditions makes it the ideal choice for roamers who need a compact vehicle. So, exploring the hills or taking a ride on the ocean is going to be so much unperturbed fun with the Audi X travel companion.

Designer: Andrej Zachar