Fictional Fantasy Is A Globule

Peugeot Globule is concept vehicle that is made up of four separate spheres that move together in a globule shape. Each sphere accommodates a single passenger and is individually powered by an electric motor. The four spherical parts are connected to a central battery and are contained within a very flexible polymer covering. The car has been designed on a self-assemble basis and can move in different arrangements. Like it can file the four spheres into a single line, to cross a narrow lane.

The car takes up only 130 cm x 130 cm space for parking by stacking up the spheres. The driver’s part is the only sphere in constant contact with the ground at all times.

Although we won’t see the Globule anytime soon, it’s always interesting to learn how designer’s perceive our traffic scenarios of the future and the solutions that they offer.

Designer: Ahmad Filiz

Peugeot Globule Concept Car by Ahmad Filiz