You want them, YD’s got them!


Yanko Design was started with a simple idea: to showcase and push the best of Industrial Design at the highest platform, without distinction. Our two decades of work ethic has gone into graduating this platform up to its current standard where our long standing user base has grown with us, engaging with us as we grew!

Taking our endeavor to be a helping hand to the next level, we have launched YD Job Boards!
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We understand:

Design firms need harmony of the design language.

You choose us to inspire you, showing us we have similar taste in design.

The candidate that comes through us proves he has the same great taste in design!

And we have over 2 Million bright eyed candidates always on the lookout for their dream company.

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YD Job Boards merges our 2 major demographics : 38% of students and 45% of design professionals. To ensure that your job requirement reaches all of our user base, we will share your requirement:

  1. On the YD Job Board where it has constant exposure
  2. With our partner Coroflot, who believes in our philosophy of creating opportunities!
  3. With the entire Design Employment Network – Coroflot, IDSA, Arts Thread, Design Observer, The Die Line and eight more sites.
  4. Plus, we are giving you a free push across our extensive Facebook (1 Million+) and LinkedIn (300k+) followers!!

So just head on to and click on “Post a Job” to snap up the next bright talent for your company!

Or want to discuss some details with us? Drop in a line at [email protected]

And all those of you dreaming about your perfect job opportunity, check out our job board to find them waiting for you. Or just keep an eye out as you scroll across your Facebook and LinkedIn feed.

You never know when your career benchmark becomes available!

04 JB Announcement