This Apple Watch sweatband keeps your watch sweat-free so you can make the most of your wearable!

The ActionBand is a new sweatband with a frame for your Apple Watch so you can work out and track your activities while keeping the sweat from loosening your grip!

These days, we’re not chasing rings, we’re closing them. Chances are, even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you’ve seen your neighborhood’s finest power walkers going that extra mile to close out their Apple Watch’s activity rings. Everybody’s doing it.

While we use our Apple Watches outside of the gym, keeping an eye on our workout’s progress with activity tracking always helps to push our limits. Designing a new wristband made specifically for working out with your Apple Watch, Apple-inspired design group Twelve South created the ActionBand, a sweatband that can hold your Apple Watch.

When working out, our grips make all the difference. So when sweat comes into play, a tight grip around dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells becomes harder to maintain. No one wants to lose out on activities that might close our rings though, so Twelve South developed a solution.

The ActionBand is essentially a sweatband with a carved-out frame to hold your Apple Watch, allowing you to sweat all day without loosening your grip. Sold in pairs, Twelve South sends each customer one ActionBand with a secure Apple Watch frame and one normal sweatband to wrap around your watch-free wrist. Providing full access to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown and Side Button, users will have full control over their watches.

Produced from a blend of soft, stretchable lycra, the ActionBand can travel up your wrist, forearm, and bicep to fit anywhere during your workouts. Then, once your rings close out for the day, you can toss ActionBand into the wash to have it ready for your next workout.

Designer: Twelve South