A multifunctional pocket clip straight off the Christmas wish list of any EDC lover!

Dango is in a league of its own when it comes to highly functional EDC products, especially their super smart and modular wallets. And now they’ve taken things a notch higher with their latest ‘Pocket Clip’. Dango’s Pocket Clip is no ordinary clip, as is typical of the brand, the EDC does much more than its name suggests. Crafted from Dango’s iconic combination of 6061 CNC machined aluminum with formed stainless steel and mil-spec bolts, the Pocket Clip is fit for years of rough and tough use.

As a stand-alone, the clip can hold it’s own. Easily attachable to your pocket, belt or strap, the clip is your companion at all times. It can also hold together your cash while serving as a nifty little cash clip. In fact, it can hold 10-12 bills or even more Dango claims! One end of the clip also functions as a bottle opener. Popping open a bottle of beer at a party has never been easier! Equipped with a keyhole, the Pocket Clip can be used as a keychain as well, or as an anchor to support and hold together all your precious EDC items. With Dango’s Pocket Clip tethering everything together, the days of losing your house keys are long gone.

However, Dango pumped things up further by designing the Pocket Clip to complement any Dango M-series Bifold Wallet you may own. You could use it as a typical clip and latch it onto your wallet, or you could slide it through the fold of the Bifold Wallet, and watch as the clip becomes a cohesive component of it. Efficiently installed to your wallet, the clip can hold your cash without you having to fret.

Aesthetically unique and pleasing, multifunctional and versatile, I know the EDC tool we could all use this Christmas! Dango’s Pocket Clip is sure to be on every EDC lover’s wishlist.

Designer: Dango

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