These wireless earbuds attach to one another, removing the dreaded concern of losing a single earbud!

Klipur is an earbuds concept that replaces a charging carry case with an overnight charging pod and binding carry method.

With AirPods, we not only have to keep track of the two wireless earbuds but their charging case as well. When we’re listening to music while in a rush going or leaving somewhere, the earbuds’ charging case can get lost in the mix.

Designing an earbuds concept that eliminates the need for a charging carry case, Chris Thursfield conceptualized Klipur, a pair of earbuds that attach to one another when not in use.

Researching the ways we listen to music most often revealed to Thursfield that most listeners use earbuds while commuting to work or traveling elsewhere.

Following this research period, the young designer followed multiple iterations of earbud designs before settling on Klipur’s final form. Conceptualized with an overnight charging method, Klipur can recharge during the night alongside our smartphones.

When ready to leave, users can detach the earbuds from their charging case and attach them to one another for a compact carrying method, or throw them in their ears without worrying about where they left the charging case.

Klipur features an all-white color makeup, similar to other earbuds currently on the market, enhancing the concept’s familiarity to most users.

By utilizing the strides we’ve made in wireless technology and battery capacity, Thursfield conceptualized Klipur so that the pair of earbuds can last a full day’s use on a single charge.

Striking a balance between comfort and style, each earbud features a secure and snug grip with silicone plugs. Then, the main body of each Klipur earbud comes with an angled structure that leans closely against the skin for an even stronger hold.

Designer: Chris Thursfield

Before settling on Klipur’s final form, Thursfield used digital sketches and 3D renderings to ideate conceptual variations.  

At night, users can charge Klipur in its charging pod, and come morning, the earbuds plug right into the user’s ear and attach to one another when not in use. 

Conceptualized in a trio of different colors, Klipur comes in white, beige, black.