How Flexi Can A Radio Get

Specs-wise, it’s really up to a designer’s imagination; that’s the advantages of concepts. Realistically speaking, playing around with the materials used in an innovative way is kind of restrictive. Radio FM follows the norm of an object by appearing to be this rigid ceramic piece, but in reality the body is an enigmatic fluid PVC sail and is flexible. The controls are cleverly hidden underneath the device and simple; a button to switch it on and a dial to tune in the frequency. Can anything get simpler than that!

Quick Facts:

  • FM frequencies reach from 87,5 till 108 MHz.
  • The radio is portable because it operates on 3 penlight batteries. (included)
  • Limited series of 50 pieces @ € 150 each.

Designer: Jasper de Leeuw for Leeuw & Vormgeving

Radio FM by Jasper de Leeuw for Leeuw & Vormgeving