You can keep your umbrella, Rihanna.


To err is human. That literally justifies every time I step out without an umbrella and ten minutes later, I’m stuck in a downpour. I’m just a human after all, right? That’s why we need the Nuvola. Nuvola’s a conceptual umbrella stand that works using IoT to update you on the weather forecast, and also to remind you when to take an umbrella with you. With a UI that contains only what is necessary, and a design that makes it look more tech, rather than a commonplace household object, the Nuvola does a simple job, and does it well. Two compartments of different sizes cater to the two sizes of umbrellas. A reservoir at the bottom gathers all the dripping water, and can be manually removed and emptied/cleaned. A slick display on the top runs a weekly weather forecast for your perusal, and also will notify you if you leave the house without an umbrella, if the weather forecast says it may rain. No more precipitation anticipation!

Designer: Byeongjun Kim