This standing desk chair was designed to encourage healthy spinal alignment while working from home!

The experimental standing chair is an alternative desk chair that integrates an inclined footrest and cushioned backrest for prime spinal support.

Working from home has turned all of us into amateur interior designers. Whether we’re transforming our bedrooms into hybrid offices or renovating preexisting home offices, at this point we know how we work best. When it comes to desk chairs, the right one makes a difference. With so much time spent sitting down during work, Budapest-based industrial designer Ariel Levay conceptualized an experimental standing chair that allows for dynamic posture adjustments throughout the day.

The experimental standing chair from Ariel Levay won an A’Design bronze award for its innovative simplicity. Describing the inspiration behind his chair design, Levay describes, “We heard a lot about the harmful effects of the sedentary work style to our spine while we spend most of our work time in seats. But sitting causes obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.”

In designing a standing chair, Levay wanted to give sitters the chance to change their standing position throughout the workday to sustain healthy spinal alignment and posture. Resembling the shape of back hyperextension workout equipment, the experimental chair features the main backrest with a cushion where sitters can position their back and recline while working at a desk.

The standing chair incorporates an inclined footrest that allows sitters to comfortably lean back while working. Then, just underneath the chair’s main support cushion, there’s a mid-level footrest where users can prop their feet while sitting with their bottoms entirely on the backrest. Levay designed the experimental standing chair to lessen the load we put on our spines when sitting down and to provide a comfortable alternative to standing in front of high desks.

In his words, Levay says, “The furniture has an ethereal but rigid structure. I wanted it to be static and sturdy, to keep the furniture [natural]. The chair is made up of geometric elements, so I gave [it a] matte black finish for a more serious and elegant look.”​

Designer: Ariel Levay

The Experimental Standing Chair is built with innovative simplicity.