Apple Remote But Not By Apple

Are you tired of losing your remotes? Tired of how they seem to clash with your very meticulously arranged IKEA furniture? Then maybe you’d want the Apple Remote, and no it’s not by who you think. Confused?

Imagine, every member of the household having their own Apple. Each is a slightly different shade of green so you’ll know who’s who. You can program your own functions to best suit your TV watching needs and should you need to go beyond that, the remote responds to motion gestures. Rotating it left lowers the volume, rotating it right raises it.

Best part is they add to your tablescape. The bowl they reside in actually recharges the Apples, err I mean remotes. Just remember to tell guests to lay off.

Designer: Jason Roebuck


  • lyn says:

    Nice. Love the volume control — does it do other cool stuff like that?

  • ELM says:

    Nice…. What material is it going to be made out of and how are you going to make them? If injection molding, they are impossible to make like that!

  • Imtheking says:

    thats actually pretty nice looking. I dig it.

  • Takemetoyourtoasters says:

    if it has a rfid so i can tell where the thing is, i would buy it

  • Illustriouschin says:

    i dont understand the charging stand, are there plugs in the middle or is there some kind of wireless charging going on? also the apples are hard, so is the dish, so they will scratch each other up real good.

    • PoisonFist says:

      Dude, do you know what a induction charger is?

    • Matrixxrebel says:

      ok.. first off.. there are several ways of getting around the scratching issue.. several durable materials.. looks like all of you own an ipod and don’t know what products should be made of. And why would they be painted? these things can be molded and dyed.

      don’t dig to deep into the negatives.. its step in the right direction. doubt sony would pick it up though.. their head has been in the wrong places these past few years. more mass production, less innovation.

      and yeah.. induction charger.. look it up.. electric toothbrushes have been using that tech. for years.

  • Tidybowl says:

    there’d have to be a pretty good way of distinguishing between whos remote is whos.

    The obvious choice would be colors – but then I think you loose some of the visual appeal (unless things like blue apples and green apples appeal to you).

  • chetan sorab says:

    would be cool to use

  • Rob says:

    Perhaps a price and how to order would be nice. I’ve looked on your product ordering page and nothing.

  • Jorge says:

    Cool design, yes induction recharging would be great. There’s no info on what else they can do besides volume control. Don’t see the need for multiple apples if they all do the same thing, its easy to just throw the apple at who ever wants to change things, then again are they impact resistant? I know I’ll be throwing those if at least back in the bowl.

  • be says:

    cool !!! where can we buy it??!

  • CHERUB says:

    LOOK’S VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

  • alanalan01 says:

    I’m linking yours at

  • panda says:


  • Anna says:

    Someone knows how can i get the remote control sony “apple”?? i wanna buy it!! and how much?? Thanks a million!!!

  • Year already be thinking manage everything in the world)), and even women ))???

  • Year already be thinking manage everything in the world)), and even women ))???

  • Matty says:

    where can i buy it?

  • squarefish says:

    oh yeah !! this looks like its a must have

  • squarefish says:

    oh yeah !! this looks like its a must have

  • What a cool site

  • What a cool site

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