Would you pay $2699 for this absolutely bonkers Gold-plated Titanium iPhone 13 case?

It’s almost triple of what the iPhone 13 Pro costs… and the case isn’t even the most expensive one from Gray‘s ALTER EGO® collection. The luxury case-maker even has a flame-torched rainbow titanium version that costs more than three grand… or in other words, enough to buy you the iPhone 13 Pro AS WELL as the 2021 M1 MacBook Pro and still have spare change.

So why is the ALTER EGO case for the iPhone so expensive? The same reason why NFTs are so expensive… Because someone said so. Although this kind of ridiculously lavish definitely falls within Gray’s niche, who have made luxury cases for iPhones, Watches, and even Crypto Wallets in the past.

The ALTER EGO is less of a protective case and more of a status symbol. Sure, it protects your iPhone from dings and drops, but its prime purpose isn’t to be a baggy jumpsuit for your phone… it’s to be a piece of jewelry that your gadget adorns with pride. The cases come with a bumper-style design that grabs onto your iPhone from the edges, and a minimal aesthetic that adds a bit of glimmer to your phone, while showing your phone off too (instead of concealing it).

Designed for the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max versions, the ALTER EGO cases are made from solid titanium. Each case is meticulously machined from a block of the metal, with a mechanically textured surface finish and a TPU inner layer that protects your phone from being scratched by the metal. The cases come in 4 styles – a raw titanium, PVD coated black, PVD coated gold, and the rather rare flame-torched rainbow Aurora that’s processed individually.

Another factor that influences the price of the cases is that they’re limited edition. The Gold and Aurora are limited to just 500 units of each, while the PVD Black has about 1000 units. The price for the cases differs based on the variant you choose, going from $1899 for the regular titanium case to a mind-numbing $3,199 for the rainbow Aurora (image below just in case you’re curious and extremely cavalier with your money.)

Designer: Gray