The CORAZON is a high-end titanium crypto wallet that securely stores all your Dogecoin

Partnering with Trezor over the technology, luxury brand GRAY has recently unveiled the CORAZON, a hardware crypto wallet made from robust materials while boasting of an incredibly secure internal software that lets you store your cryptocoins offline in a practically impervious digital vault.

Named after the Spanish word for the heart, CORAZON comes almost in an abstract heart-shaped design machined from aerospace-grade 6Al4V titanium. The strategic partnership between GRAY and Trezor has allowed the product to rely on the expertise and experience of both companies. The wallet’s secure software is based on the Trezor Core Firmware of the Trezor Model T, while its components sit perfectly within a tamper-resistant outer-casing manufactured by GRAY.

The CORAZON puts the digital equivalent of Fort Knox in the palm of your hand. The CORAZON is your wallet, your security keychain, and your digital safe, with support for over a 1000 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it also serves as a password manager for your digital accounts, and a U2F hardware token to aid in authentication requests, fulfilling the role of a hardware wallet as well as a hardware key for your digital accounts. A USB-C port on the wallet’s base allows you to connect it to a computer to have it serve as a hardware authenticator. The same USB-C port even lets you charge your CORAZON.

While being secure, Trezor’s technology is open-source and gets frequently audited by security researchers. According to CORAZON’s website, “Anybody can verify its integrity, look for vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.”

The hardware comes hermetically sealed within two robust CNC-machined titanium halves. The two halves of the wallet are first closed with a screw, before a resin is used to seal the joint. The resin is hardened with UV light, creating a device that can no longer be opened without compromising its physical integrity. The high-end materials and secure backend mean CORAZON comes with a pretty heavy price tag. The Titanium variant retails for $999, while a slightly cheaper Aluminum version of the same device costs $599. The CORAZON definitely isn’t for everyone. Although if you’re Elon Musk or one of those recent Dogecoin millionaires, you could easily grab yourself one of these without breaking a sweat.

Designers: GRAY and Trezor