The Apple Cyber Watch would probably get a double thumbs up from Elon Musk

This mechanically-textured CNC-machined titanium case makes your Apple Watch look like (and possibly be as strong as) the Cybertruck. Designed by the guys at Gray Inc., the watch-case gives the Apple Watch a certain sculptural quality that channels Tesla’s design aesthetic, opting for something more eclectic than Apple’s sleek aluminum styling. The Cyber Watch is equal parts rugged and modern, with an exterior that is as captivating as the watch’s UI and features themselves.

The Cyber Watch skin comes as a two-piece titanium structure that sandwiches the watch body in between, protecting it from both sides, while keeping the screen completely visible and the watch crown easy to reach. Each skin also comes with a complementary FKM® rubber strap that’s just as sculpted and beautiful to look at as the watch casing itself. You could opt for a Cybertruck-inspired raw metal finish, but there are also golden and PVD rainbow variants that are equally as eye-catching. Elon and XÆ A-12 would strongly approve.

Designer: Gray Inc.