Cactus-inspired product designs that give your space a splash of greenery this summer!

If the Instagram influencers and Pinterest boards have influenced us with anything, it is how beautiful a green space can look in your home. But given the modern busy era – where everyone wants more with minimal effort, it is the humble cactus plant that has gathered a cult following. What happens when you manage to kill an actual cactus plant as well? (guilty as charged) You get some green that never dies but adds functionality to your home. This is exactly what the team at Qualy Design has managed to do. Combining their love of cactus and product design, every cactus featured here has a fun little functionality along with its evergreen personality! Be careful, this non-pricky cactus collection is addictive!

Toilet Brushes are the bane of a Instagram-worthy bathroom. We can’t live without them nor can we live with them mudding up our aesthetics! The Cacbrush is here to your rescue. Doubling up as a toilet brush, this clever little design hides the brush in plain sight without any accidental pricks to your business area.

Nothing says summer is here like a chilled drink and a cactus themed celebration to support it. Holding your munchies while you sip through the straw, the Cacnuts is a must-have for every green lover.

Beware – this cactus pricks, but only your food! Any Mexican-themed food fiesta is incomplete without some cactus picks to hold your food in place while you nibble and mingle.

The Cacstopper is your wine’s best friend! This fun little stopper retains your wine’s flavor with each design helping you easily remember which wine bottle was it that we opened first – the skinny cactus or the Mickey-like cactus!

No tall glass of drink is complete without a tall Cactus Stirrer. These stirrers will make you look sharp while you unwind with ease.

For every wannabe plant-mommy who has lost a plant, this Caccessories Tray will be your evergreen shrub that holds your precious belongings or a smart way to hide your stuff in a bunch of actual cactus plants! After all, who will risk putting their hand through a bunch of cacti.

The Cactrash Bin sits under your desk but there is no way it will accidentally prick you. This cactus is hungry for your trash – just open it, throw your trash in it and cover it up to compress the trash.

The Cactiss Toilet Paper Holder is the Robin to the Cacbrush’s Batman. This sneaky little succulent will hold your toilet paper roll or tissues or you can repurpose it to plant an actual cactus in it!

Designed to look like a potted cactus, the Cactus Scissors come nested in a cactus-shaped body (sans the spikes, of course) that sheathes the blades. Pull it out and you’ve got yourself a regular, working scissor that you can use either in the kitchen, at your workplace, or just for hobby-work. The cactus plant even comes with its own pot that serves as a storage area for paper clips, stapler pins, thumbtacks, or other bits and bobs, making it an evergreen little piece of greenery for your desk!

Let the hot summers be a breeze with the Cactus Doorstopper holding your door ajar to keep your home breezy.

Summer is here and while we are safely encased at our home and not out in the sweltering heat, these fun products add functionality and some much-needed summery vibes to your home!