This reusable protective case is egg-cellent for your next grocery haul!

What is the biggest fear we have when buying groceries? The guy bagging them will inevitably place something on top of the eggs and the rest of your stuff will be covered in egg slime. Surely, I can’t be the only one who has experienced that, so when I saw the Egg Guardian case I got super eggcited – get it?

Now, this is a conceptual design made for a research project about sustainable food packaging but I know we all want this to come to life ASAP because it is just ‘eggcellent’! The Egg Guardian was aimed at reducing packaging waste and protecting the eggs from bad grocery packing strategies. It is designed to be made from aluminum because of the material’s recyclable qualities, durability, and ease of cleaning. It will also be created to fold into a flat sheet when not in use so that it can be carried around or stored without trouble.

I love it when a design is simple and yet has eggstraordinary (I can go on and on) impact on packaging and food waste management.

Designer: Stephanie Alexander