Innovative kitchen appliances designed to add a fun spark to your kitchen + cooking process!

The pandemic birthed a lot of home chefs, who discovered a deep and profound love for cooking! Surprisingly, I was one of them. Before the pandemic took place, cooking was a chore I completely avoided. But now, I honestly find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic, and all the free time that came along with it, somehow awakened my inner chef, and I do love making use of kitchen appliances in my cooking process. I feel they really cut down on my prep time, simplify complicated and tedious procedures, and make the mundane little cooking tasks a whole lot bearable. But quite honestly, I’m bored of the usual and traditional appliances that are lined up in my kitchen cabinet. So, how about kitchen accessories that promise to be totally fun and quirky, that not only look super cool but are also interesting to use? In my hunt for appliances that will liven up my kitchen space and my cooking process, I came across a whole bunch of designs that I am now completely dying to buy! From an adorable penguin-shaped egg boiler and holder to a back-scratching Grizzly bear that will grate your veggies, herbs, and cheese – these fun yet functional appliances are the breath of fresh air your kitchen needs!

Made from heat-resistant and food-safe plastic, the Egguins are an innovative way to store, boil, or serve eggs. The hollow penguin shape allows you to slide eggs (both small and large) into it, completing it visually and making it look like a flock of Emperor Penguins ready to dash right into the water (the visual metaphor of connecting the egg, the bird, and the water is just perfect)! Immerse the Egguins into a saucepan of boiling water using the handle above, and just lift them out when you’re done boiling them to the softness or hardness of your choice.

This uniquely playful grater comes from OTOTO, one of our favorite design houses, as a part of their new kitchen and home items catalog. Barry’s back-scratching abilities work best with carrots and cheeses, as its metallic back grates your produce to a fine pile that gathers right inside Barry’s chubby old body. Lift Barry up and your grated cheese or carrot is collected in a nice pile, ready for you to use in your cooking or garnishing!

The Food Crayons really don’t need much explaining – traditional crayons are made from wax and dye and are formed into the crayon shape… Food Crayons, on the other hand, are made from food ingredients suspended in an edible substrate, agar-agar. Commonly used as a gelling agent, and a vegan alternative to animal-based gelatine, the agar-agar helps bind the ingredients into the crayon shape. Once the crayon’s been cast, they can easily be shaved over food, flavoring it in an absolutely engaging and exciting way!

OTOTO‘s Tea Trap puts a fun spin on the art of brewing tea. Unlike those boring metal infusers, the Tea Trap models itself on a carnivorous plant that chomps down on your tea leaves. Once the Tea Trap’s stomach (or mouth) is full, just dunk it in a cup of hot water, and the tea begins infusing through the perforations on the sides of the infuser. Use the Tea Trap’s elongated handle to stir it around till your tea reaches the right color, and when you’re done, the Tea Trap will very kindly spit out the tea leaves into the waste-bin, because nobody likes eating tea leaves… not even carnivorous plants!

Inspired by a bird, Beerdy by Peleg Design is the most patient bottle opener you’ll ever meet! You can use Beerdy to open your beer for you, and then place it on the cap of your next beer. It’ll wait there patiently for you, while you finish your beer, and get ready to drink the next one! How cool is that? Beerdy is the most loyal bottle opener I’ve seen.

The Conchiglie is a neat, conch-shaped device inspired directly by the conchiglie pasta. Colored in yellow and molded out of food-grade silicone, the Conchiglie comes with a hollow inner that’s perfectly sized for a lemon half. Slip the lemon in and squeeze it from the outside and the Conchiglie does a wonderful job of juicing the lemon without getting your hands all sticky and messy. The silicone construction gives you the friction and grip you need, and a tiny strainer at the end of the conch helps catch the lemon seeds as you juice away.

Designer Gil Cohen has created Pelix for Peleg Design, a cute kitchen companion that will reduce your internal shrieks and actually lift your mood while doing dishes. This little pelican-shaped cloth and sponge holder will be perched on your counter and the only thing that will fly is the time taken to do chores. Pelix’s bright break is actually a cloth holder, so hang up that dishcloth while the body of the pelican is a cup for your sponge. Pelix makes it easy to keep dish cleaning essentials right where they are needed with its suction cup bottom, but unlike Ross Geller, it can pivot and make your life easier!

These tongs come with an interlocking design that turns them into a handly citrus juicer when joined together. However, when you’re done drizzling your salad with lemon juice, just pull the tongs apart into two spoons and toss your greens with them! The Juicepair’s 2-in-1 design makes it handy during use as well as while storing them. When interlocked, it’s easy to stash them in the drawer without worrying about one of them going missing, and while in use, the dual-purpose design makes the tongs the perfect set of tools for juicing citrus fruits, tossing/stirring food, or even serving up tasty meals.

The largest mammal on earth is now going to help you keep your teeth clean! Jonah-The Toothpick Dispenser by Peleg Design is a happy-go-lucky blue whale, that happens to store toothpicks in its belly and releases them through its spout. Just shake the dispenser, and pick the lucky one that escapes through Jonah’s spout.

Dip Sea is a dipping dish with a beautiful whale carved in it. Pour some balsamic vinegar and olive oil in it, and watch as the whale floats in a sea of oily heaven! Dip some bread in it, and enjoy your meal. Or if you’re in the mood for some Japanese, you could use Dip Sea to serve some soy sauce with your sushi.