Clean v/s Green Tap

Easy Clean Faucet is a really smart-cookie-of-an-idea for a bathroom! To avoid germs and contamination you’d probably go for one of those sensor taps that put a strain on energy resources in the name of sanitation. With its single-press feature, you can turn on the Easy Clean right from where the flow of water is to cascade. Essentially in the process, the faucet self cleans while you are washing your hands clean. A simple redesign and a brilliant solution!

No wonder the Easy Clean bagged the 2011 reddot design concept award.

Designers: Wu Chi-Hua & Wang Li-Hsin



  • Marco says:

    Very interesting idea. when do you start producing?

  • Just passing by says:

    ahh….you will get hurt very easily……..

  • Nathan says:

    I don’t know what kind of anti-bacterial experts were on the jury for this award winning design. It’s actually a very alarming form and use case. The sharp corners on the inside of the spout will gather dirt buildup from repeated use and, with frequent exposure to water, will very quickly become the equivalent of a bacterial metropolis.
    Looking past the hygenic aspect, this is a burn waiting to happen. The touch surface on a typical faucet’s controls are relatively far from the hot water flowing through them, but if you touch the spout after hot water’s been running for a minute, it transmits a lot of stored heat energy into your skin.

  • Dr.A.Jagadeesh says:

    Excellent and innovative. This design also saves water. Often in developing countries the tap is near the basin base thus the water spreads and spills over side ways. Moreover one has to bend to reach the water flow thus there is possibility of water falling in the clothes. Also in developing countries take bath using water contained in a bucket with a mug.

    Less Energy Taking a Shower Than a Bath.

    Water conservation measures are the need of the hour as water is a precious commodity.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

  • GetReal says:

    “To avoid germs and contamination…”

    How can you avoid germs and other shit if you need to touch it ??????

    BTW your design is ideal for growing germs.

  • James says:

    Red Dot Design Award……now there’s a surprise.

  • martino says:

    No touch is better, like the MISCEA, no touch for soap. Water. Temperature…

  • martino says:

    No touch is better, like the MISCEA, …

  • martino says:

    No touch is always better and doesn’t use much energy. Like the MISCEA faucet

  • martino says:

    No touch is always better and doesn’t use much energy

  • Gravity says:

    Very innovative design. I like the concept and I hope to see these made eventually.

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