This iPhone 14 design with a solo powerful rear camera could be Apple’s way of shaking up the smartphone industry

An Apple iPhone 14 proposed design that challenges the design iteration of the phone’s camera module.

Now that the powerful and sleek iPhone 13 series is out there to have, the focus for the tech community shifts to the next smartphone in development by Apple. The iPhone 14 is more than 10 months away from fruition and the speculations about how the device will look are already out in the cloud. The phone might take a detour in terms of design from the flattened sides to the contoured design, similar to the iPhone 7. That’s because Apple tends to adapt the old successful designs for the smartphone – take the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 as examples which adapted the famous iPhone 5 design.

How the next exciting iPhone will look is anybody’s guess, for now, to be frank, but industrial designer Laci Lacko believes it could be a radical leap with its roots tracing back to the iPhone 7 series. That similar rounded side design lending it a thin feel in hand. Surprisingly, the designer doesn’t give us a peek into the front of the device, but going by the rumor mill, it should have minimal (as compared to iPhone 13) or no notch at all. What’s highlighted in this concept phone is the rear camera module.

A big protruding single 35mm lens setup that has an f1.2 i aperture sensor promises the ultimate photography experience. Something comparable to a DSLR. The lens is so big, it almost feels like an add-on to the sleek body frame of the imagined iPhone. While I believe, this design will never make it past the drawing boards, still who’s stopping concept designers from challenging the future of very stagnated phone design philosophy. My only gripe from this design is the lack of front-on images of the phone.

Designer: Laci Lacko