This meal kit and food service ensures you have a home cooked meal for all your dietary needs

Yumme is a meal kit and combined digital food service that makes eating homecooked meals feel less like a priority and more like a given.

Fitting a homecooked meal into your schedule is difficult when you live and work in a big city. Cramped city living spaces sometimes make the act of cooking feel like moving through a laser beam security fence and finding the time to go shopping for after-work cookouts can get overwhelming.

Food delivery services and meal kits can be convenient solutions, but there aren’t many healthy or nutritious options on those menus. Coming up with a health-focused meal kit and combined digital food service, a team of designers conceptualized Yumme.

Designed to function primarily as an IoT household product, Yumme is a smart food tray that analyzes the nutrition facts and calories of each food item that makes up your meal.

Conceptualized in three different forms, Yumme’s plate options vary depending on the user’s diet. The first tray comes with five different food compartments for users who’d like to explore the full spectrum of a balanced meal.

Embedded sensors are located inside the food tray to analyze each meal’s contents. Split into two parts, Yumme’s top lid is made from Tritan, an eco-friendly and heat-resistant material, while its bottom module is coated in silicone to avoid slipping.

Another food tray features only three compartments for users with a more limited diet. Finally, a third food tray split into two layers hosts compartments for four different food items and keeps a portable size to bring lunch with you on the go.

Yumme comes with an accompanying app that tracks and analyzes your every meal so you can always stay on top of your health. While tracking your own meals, you can connect with other Yumme users through the integrated social aspect of Yumme’s application.

In addition to the three different food trays available from Yumme, the designers included utensils and a carrying case to make enjoying a homecooked meal as accessible as possible, no matter your schedule.

Designer: Hyogyeong Kang, Younghyun Na, and Dayoung Lee

Each food tray’s top lid is built from Tritan BPA plastics to ensure heat resistance and easy cleaning. 

Utensils and an accompanying carrying case make bringing food on the go as easy as making it with Yumme.

With magnetized utensils, storing all the appliances that come with Yumme is easy as ever. 

Yumme’s accompanying app tracks and analyzes the information of each meal to share with other Yumme users or to keep for your own information.