Picasso Can Draw To Switch-off Lights

So what if your drawing sucks, the JustDrawIt unit won’t mind; it will in fact help to manage the power supply to the various household equipments hooked on to it. How? A main device and several remote-controlled receivers visualize the service life of your synced electrical appliances. A haptic interface allows you to hand-draw on the timeline-based main unit, defining the period of usage. When the time’s up, the equipment will be automatically turned off. Oh shoot! Just One Thing…you can’t misplace the pen now!

Designer: Pega Design

JustDrawIt Automatic Power Managing Device by Pega Design




  • looseroots says:

    Creative idea…..but why not just push a button. Its been working just fine all of these years. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

    • user says:

      Because it allows things to be /easier/. Anything that makes lowering power consumption easier is a good thing. It also allows someone to say “ok, so I’m going to sleep but I NEED my nightlight to sleep. I don’t want it on all night. So I’ll set it to run for the next thirty minutes, and not waste the electricity all night.” And set it. It’s creative, and I see some very good uses for it.

  • It’s very creative indeed. It’s cool when simple products get new look and features…

  • Carl says:

    great idea. love the bedside appeal of it.

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