Blast off into a good hair day with this conceptual hair dryer

If I was drying my hair with this I would say T minus 5…4…3…2…1 then turn it on for the ‘blast off’! I love when hair dryers get a design makeover because they are often overlooked and have had the same form since forever. I was fascinated by this Shark dryer and now my obsession has pivoted towards the Spaceship dryer, probably because of the need to escape this planet that I am sure we are all collectively feeling.

Hair dryers are not the most eye-catching personal item (Dyson users, please fasten your seatbelts for now) and Korean designer, Hyoyeong Kim, wanted to give it a personality and a story. Something that made the humble hair dryer into an exciting gadget and being in quarantine, everyday objects is where we find our routine (and maybe happiness!). She turned the hair dryer into a spaceship and we are getting major Toy Story feels. The gadget has a minimal design aesthetic but tells the story it was intended to without compromising on its purpose. It still looks sleek, modern, and like it will always be successful in its mission.

There are two dryers, the galaxy themed one and the spaceship-shaped one, the CMF for both was very different and carefully thought out. The charging base of the dryer is also the launchpad for your spaceship. You cannot go to space if your vehicle is tethered so, of course, this hair dryer was designed to be wireless. At least when we take off with this gadget, the only thing we need to learn how to say is “Houston, we are having a good hair day”!

Designer: Hyoyeong Kim