Want to flaunt your new iPhone? How about this crossbody holster that holds your phone and cards

Pockets. Sometimes you’ve got them, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you wear a jacket and leave stuff in the pockets only to discover them a year later. Or sometimes you’ve got just enough pockets that you need to put your smartphone along with your keys, leaving them vulnerable to scratches. This isn’t really a referendum on pockets, it’s sort of a scenario-building effort that makes the Moshi Crossbody Phone Holster look like a pretty sensible product to have. If you’re running low on pockets, or if you identify as a hipster who doesn’t believe in sticking to conventions, Moshi’s vegan-leather crossbody holster gives you a perfect spot to stash your phone as well as cards and cash. The holster sits diagonally around your torso and makes it much easier to access your phone and cards while on the go. It also makes you look like a bit of an avant-garde person of culture.

Designed in California (quite like the iPhone shown inside it), the Moshi Crossbody Holster is a slick little piece of EDC that carries your phone as well as your cards. Perfect when you want to head out for a quick coffee run or to meet a friend (when you don’t need to carry anything more than your phone, wallet, and keys), the Crossbody Holster serves as a pretty stylish fashion accessory that’s just as functional.

The holster comes built out of vegan leather and is wide enough to hold all sorts of phones (from the smaller ones to the larger Pro/Max/Plus ones too). A bifold-style magnetic flap on the front lets you store 3 cards for easy access, which means you don’t really need to splurge on a MagSafe wallet that may accidentally slip off your phone.

The vegan leather build is weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It even comes with an anti-bacterial NanoShield coating to kill germs upon contact, and is equipped with an adjustable and removable crossbody strap. For now, the Moshi Crossbody Phone Holster comes in just black (although I’d love to see spunky color variants), and like all of Moshi’s products, is backed by a 2-year warranty. However, if you buy the holster of Moshi’s website, it automatically gets enrolled in Moshi’s 10-year Global Warranty Program.

Designer: Moshi