Nothing smartwatch design with transparent sides of the dial has “Nothing” to hide!

A transparent dial smartwatch that exposes the innards from the casing’s sides is what I’ll take with both hands if Nothing adds one to their future line-up.

Carl Pei and his ideology have always inspired me to follow a very transparent approach in life. His separation from OnePlus into a refreshing phase of his next venture Nothing has made headlines for all the good reason – right from the initial phase to the debut of the first-ever product in the brand’s line-up. The Nothing ear (1) earbuds have brought new precedence in earphone design to the industry with zero compromises in audio quality or other features at a price that brings a smile to audiophiles’ faces.

So what will be the next exciting offering by Nothing? Will it be another audio product or something related to fitness and lifestyle? I’m betting on the latter and Gian Luigi Singh’s concept supports my belief. Quite understandably christened Wrist (1), the smartwatch envisioned by Gian follows in the footsteps of ear (1) earbuds. The wearable with a 38mm by 10mm case revolves around the philosophy of transparency in consumer products (and I love it), displaying the raw beauty of the complicated inner mechanism of the smartwatch.

This is reminiscent of some of the high-end skeletal watches or the niche transparent watches that expose the innards like the watch movement and other mechanical parts. So, unlike other contemporary smartwatches on the market, the Wrist (1) will expose internal components by using a crystal clear transparent case, displaying the raw beauty of the precise engineering of what makes the wearable tick from the sides. To keep up with the competition, Nothing will inculcate health and fitness-centric features such as a heart rate monitor and step counter. This is courtesy of the LED and photodiodes that work in tandem with the AI algorithms for the most accurate measurements.

Of course, the smartwatch will get water-resistant aesthetics to keep clear of water splashes or rain. The watch will be powered by Google’s Wear OS to make all the Google services run smoothly for an unparalleled user experience. Keeping in tune with the brand’s ecosystem , the Wrist (1) smartwatch will seamlessly pair with the Nothing ear (1) earbuds to keep a check on the battery and audio levels or customize the gesture controls.

If Carl Pei and his team are watching this concept, they’d want to bring this to life for sure. Who knows, they might already be working on something similar or planning one for the future? Any which way, a transparent smartwatch by Nothing has got my huge thumbs up, already!

Designer: Gian Luigi Singh