Tiny, space-saving desk setups designed to perfectly fit into your modern homes!

The most important element of our home office is our desk, especially since work from home became the new normal, and we basically bid adieu to corporate offices. Finding the right desk is just half the battle. You may find the best desk ever, but if you don’t know how to set it up, in accordance with your needs, then you may just be losing the second half of the battle. And this can be a huge task when we take into consideration the size of our modern-day cramped apartments! We need desk setups that occupy minimum space while providing us with the utmost functionality and work. Because a great day of work partially depends on the state of our desk and its setup! If you want to set up your desk in the most efficient manner possible, ensuring that it perfectly merges with the rest of your millennial home, while boosting productivity and motivation, then you’re at the right place! Here are a few impressive desk setups for you to gain inspiration from, and finally declutter and set up your desk the way you really want to. Best of luck!

I absolutely love this desk setup by Greg Shovlin! He’s maintained a wooden theme with white accents. The minimal desk occupies minimum space while rating high on functionality and aesthetics. The standing storage units on either side of the desk allow you to display your prized souvenirs!

This desk setup by @norse.keeb is perfect for our modern-day cramped apartments. A simple wooden desk has been fitted into one corner of the room, creating a personal little work nook, amped with everything you will need on a regular working day – from a dual-screen PC to a crafty storage unit above the desk.

This desk setup by Maxim Tsiabus (@maxim_tsiabus) is clean, classy, and all-white! A white wooden wall-mounted slab functions as the desk, a nifty replacement for the usual space-consuming desks. Tsiabus has placed only essentials on his desk, hence creating an organized and efficient space.

This desk setup by Nataliia Klochko (@archi.tash) is similar to the one by Maxim Tsiabus, however, she has followed a wooden theme that merges with the surrounding space. This is a desk setup that could easily be incorporated into your bedroom! You don’t even need a separate home office.

This desk setup is probably the most adorable one I’ve seen, and you could fit it into even the tiniest home! The desk is large enough to house a PC and other essential knick-knacks. A hint of green above the desk adds a calming aura to the space.

This desk setup by Dimitar Karanikolov (@karanikolov) is modern and minimal! The desk merges with a storage unit, creating an efficient system that would be a wonder to work in. Such a workspace is ideal for work-from-home scenarios in seriously cramped homes!

Nothing beats a desk set up with a view! Liam Martin’s desk has been artfully tucked against a window, hence saving up on a whole lot of space, while also providing a relaxing view. It’s the best of both worlds!

This desk setup by Oliur (@ultralinx) is one that we could all achieve! It’s relatively simple and easy to put together and is the perfect setup for the work-from-home beginners, who are trying to create a comfortable workspace in their tiny urban homes.

There is no such thing as ‘too big a screen’! We love this vibrant desk setup which is perfect for working from home as well as some Netflix and chill once work is done! It allows you to transform your living room into a home office.

This desk setup by  @teksetup  is work-from-home desk goals! A wall-mounted pegboard storage unit on one side of the desk perfectly stores his gadgets from an extra keyboard to headphones, to even little planters. A dual-screen setup is accentuated by an L-shaped lighting unit in the background. It illuminates the desk completely, providing plenty of light while he works!