This tiny house has been designed for sustainable, energy-efficient, off-the-grid living!

I love tiny houses but even more if they are designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and on wheels – that is exactly what Project Ursa is! The mobile home is made for off-the-grid living featuring solar panels, water harvesting systems, and the coziest interiors that makes the “cabin in the woods” aesthetic into a lifestyle.

Tiny houses on wheels have to have a length of 4m, 5m, and respectively 7m, to be 2,5m wide and to have a maximum height of 4m. The Ursa tiny house is currently located in Cascais, Portugal, and can function completely off-grid as a cabin or a remote office!

The roof features a 5% slope which allows rainwater to easily drain into a couple of tanks with a total capacity of 650 liters. This water is then redirected to the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and the shower where it’s filtered and reused. Then the reused water goes into another tank which redirects it to water the plants.

On top of the roof, Ursa features south-facing solar panels. The panels’ inclination can be adjusted up to 30% in order to maximize the energy that can be harnessed all year round, making it super energy-efficient as a mobile tiny home.

The energy produced by these solar panels will be converted and stored for later so the residents will always have energy on demand when needed and don’t have to rely on an external power grid or generators.

Ursa offers 17 square meters of living space and includes a kitchen, a full bathroom with a dry toilet that produces compost, a living area, two sleeping areas, and a super chill outdoor deck. The warmth of the wood adds to the coziness of the tiny home, and even if the spaces blend into each other, Ursa provides a homely shelter for those looking for an escape from the constant bustle of big cities.

Designer: Madeiguincho