This micro house-on-wheels built to withstand extreme weather conditions was also designed for off-grid living!

The Nomad is a compact mobile camper built to withstand all the elements, hot or cold, and for off-grid living, equipped with everything from a solar system to a composting toilet and water tanks.

These days, the nomad lifestyle has the spotlight. Going off-grid and mobile during this era of WFH has never been more tempting. With sustainability and getting away at the forefront of our minds, companies have delivered on tiny camper designs, merging eco-consciousness with the mobile lifestyle. One company, in particular, Quebec-based Minimaliste has been designing micro houses-on-wheels for some time now, and their latest model, the Nomad, is an even tinier camper built with off-grid capabilities and for the most extreme of weather conditions.

Being the only Minimaliste camper capable of off-grid operation, the Nomad camper includes a composting toilet, two 36-gallon tanks for black and gray water, as well as a 54-gallon freshwater tank allowing two people to enjoy a short vacation without having to empty or fill the tanks. Additionally, Minimaliste equipped the roof with a grid of solar panels that take lithium batteries, outfitting each Nomad camper with a minimum of 5.12 kWh solar power, or an advanced package stocked with 10.24 kWh.

While the Nomad might be shorter in length than Minimaliste’s previous camper models, measuring in at 165 feet2, it makes a home out of the space it still has. The one-bedroom camper also features a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and living area all within its steel-clad frame. When entering the Nomad, the kitchen and dining area greet you with walnut laminate finishes, and optic white walls, with black coated handles and accents dotted throughout. Equipped with high-quality appliances, the kitchen features a propane boiler and water heater, a Furrion 12V refrigerator, and a Furrion propane stove oven.

Moving into the bedroom and bathroom, the same walnut laminate and optic white paint are seen throughout each room, but the bedroom’s ceiling rises to seven feet to ensure plenty of headroom even for taller guests. The bedroom is all about storage, featuring integrated storage underneath and around the bed, where an additional water tank can be found for off-grid living. Finally, the bathroom hosts all the amenities one might need for when nature calls: an optional flush or composting toilet, a decent-sized vanity unit with a medicine cabinet, and a 24 × 36 tub shower, as well as a 12V fan that exhausts and refilters the air.

Designer: Minimaliste

Integrated storage decks out the Nomad’s bedroom, ensuring enough room even for one of the camper’s water tanks. 

Air conditioning units and insulation create a comfortable interior temperature throughout the year and changing seasons. 

The kitchen even comes with a built-in 2-in-1 washer-dryer unit.

The dining area transforms into sleeping accommodations for two children or one adult when not in use during the night.