Cozy pet-friendly product designs that’ll make your pets truly feel at home!

My pets are the center of my universe, and the majority of my day is spent tending to them and pleasing them! Our love for our pets is never-ending, they’re considered integral parts of our family, and since they can’t really communicate with us (No, your telepathic conversations with them don’t count.), we’re always trying to guess their needs and attempting to fulfill them. I love spoiling my furry friends with fun and functional pet products. And here’s a collection of products designed especially for pets that I really think hit the mark! From a cute little cat bed that’ll have your feline buddy sleeping blissfully to a camper-style playhouse for your doggo, these products will be loved by both you and your pet!

Winner of the Golden Pin Design Award, the Bien Bien Cat Tree by Cheng-Liang Wu and Chia-Wen Lin is a cat tree that also masterfully doubles up as a piece of furniture. It’s a beautiful product that caters to the needs of both your cat (s) and you, functioning as a space that can be utilized and shared by humans and felines alike. You can build the modular cat tree all by yourself, its modularity allows it to be assembled in various ways, according to personal requirements, space restrictions, and of course, the moods of your cat.

I don’t really know what to say about the Kyali Oval Pet Bed by MADE, because you just have to take one look at how blissful and at peace these cats seem while resting on it, to know how comfy it is! I instantly feel like buying it for my furry babies in the hope they’ll snuggle upon it, and be totally content as well. Featuring a natural ash frame and grey cushions, it’s a sleek pet bed that would not only look amazing in your living room but also provides your pets with the best sleep they’ve ever experienced!

Designed by Michael Blunt of DIY Dog House, The Canine Camper is a dog house that is shaped exactly like a mini camper or trailer! It’s a cute little camper for your furry friends. Although more than a dog house, it is intended to be used as a playhouse and is meant to be kept indoors. The wheels on the camper make it portable, allowing you to move it indoors or outdoors whenever you please.

Outdoor pet equipment company TailHigh has revealed the ‘Hybrid Dog Harness’ combining a harness with a leash in one single contraption that saves the trouble of carrying an additional leash and attaching or detaching it to the harness. This innovative dog accessory, with a lightweight and retractable tape-type leash extendable up to 5 feet, is designed by BKID. Interestingly, it is made from breathable, soft EVA foam combined with mesh fabric for a comfortable fit. The harness is equipped with a seat belt like two-way-lock safety stop technology, which if the dog pulls the string during an unexpected action, can automatically stop the line even if the owner misses the handle, letting the dog escapes unhurt.

The Cat Person Mesa Bowl No-Tip Food Dish has been designed exclusively for cats! Usually, when cats eat, they hunch over, and honestly, their crouched position doesn’t look very comfortable. Hence Cat Person created an ergonomically designed bowl that features an elevated stand, so your cat can eat in a healthier position! With its six-inch diameter, the bowl also accommodates your kitty’s long whiskers.

Enter – Cozypet Dryroom and by the end of this, you are going to want one in a human size, trust me. If you have a small to medium pet (yes, even a Malamute is a puppy but let’s be real for a second), then Cozypet Dryroom is exactly what you need for rainy days and quarantine days. It is a quick and efficient way to dry your pet after bath time. The appliance has a cylindrical design which lets the air from the twin fans flow effectively and evenly.

If you own two kitties, then this Cat Bunk Bed by Purrfur is perfect for you! This design has honestly gotten me quite excited, because I have two fluffy Persian cats, and just thinking of them sharing a bunk bed is giving me the tingles! Although the upper bunk looks comfier and definitely has more privacy in comparison to the second bunk (which looks like a simple hammock to me), I do feel it’s an adorable design that’ll provide your pets with a communal space they can share together, but also allow them to have their own little private zone.

The Terra Firma tailgates Bowlus Road Chief’s Endless Highways Performance Edition is complete with a 26-foot length body, reflective chrome exterior, in-floor heating system, and large lithium iron phosphate battery pack that allows for a week’s worth of off-grid traveling. On the inside, Terra Firma brings the elegance equal to that found in private jets and newer Tesla models equipped with plenty of high-tech features that meet the needs of even your furry travel companions. Whether you’d like to bring your cat or dog along for the trip, Terra Firma includes a built-in, personalized pet bed, along with pull-out food and water bowls. If your pup is ever too tired to join you at your side for a good hike, with Pet-Flex remote temperature monitoring, you can head up the mountain assured that sure your pets are safe and happy.

As emotional support/companion animals are increasingly becoming a new norm, we need a kit like Base which ensures their safety while doubling up as an everyday pet furniture item in the house. In the event of a disaster, you can rely on the built-in emergency kit by using Base as a carrier for your pet. The shape is inspired by a friendly cave that makes animals feel protected keeping it aligned with their natural instincts of hiding when they are scared.

The Kikko Table by Renata Wites and Ada Brożyna for Labbvenn serves as a side table you could place in your living room or bedroom, as well as a cozy spot for your cat to chill in! The lower section of the tables comprises a hammock-like seating section, wherein your kitty can comfortably lounge about. The design effortlessly merges into your home space, while also serving as a pet-friendly piece of furniture.